Services, Design, Engineering

Arp Group as one of the leading system integrators in the country, together with its professional team provides you with a complete system design that you need. Everything starting from the location shooting, viability studies, preparation of preliminary designs, making of general designs of built state up to the technical control of the project. Arp Group offers you quality and responsible design for the field of technical security, structured cabling, video surveillance systems, access control systems and time attendance, fire detection and alarm systems.

Cable distribution systems

Arp Group offers you design, construction and commissioning of hybrid fiber-coaxial networks and cable systems. Building a complete network of cable television, the Internet and the system of remote control. Arp Group offers structured cabling done by the user’s preferences and in accordance with the latest technical recommendations and standards. We offer consulting, design, execution and control, measurement and testing of structured cable system whether it was copper or optical cables.

Security Systems

Arp Group offers you complete security systems that provide a powerful and efficient way to secure your facilities and warm home of all the threats you might encounter. Our systems will allow you to effectively watch developments in your company as well as control all objects that are of importance to you. In any case, you will have the benefit of a flexible and friendly environment applications and software that we offer. A key feature of security systems is to provide intrusion detection and allow you to easily define where your staff is moving, as well as to see where your objects are most vulnerable in a timely manner and prevent unwanted situations.
  • The system for anti-theft protection
  • The system for fire protection
  • The system for access control and time attendance

Devices and equipment for technical protection

Arp Group offers a wide range of devices and equipment for technical protection of facilities, vehicles and your loved ones. For many years our company has successfully cooperated with the world’s largest manufacturers of technical security such as Hikvision, PARADOX, I ZKTeco. It also offers the implementation of high-quality active network components and cable systems which are at a very high level of quality.
  • Video Surveillance
  • Alarm systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Access Control
  • Network equipment
  • Ramps and motors for gates
  • Communication cables

Smart houses

Everyday habits have been relying by technology for a long time, and people have less and less time to perform them. Therefore Arp Group offers you complete solutions for smart houses. Imagine that when you come home tired from work during the summer period and your house is chilled, blinds raised, water heater full of hot water and a cup of hot coffee waiting for you on the table, and all that with great savings of energy and your nerves.

Automation systems

To manage with certainty, simplicity and maximum functionality of your home automated systems need a smart house. With our complete solutions your home automation system can be used up completely in terms of capacity, simplicity, safety and dynamics. Arp in its product range has the ideal solutions for residential and industrial sector:
  • Double leaf gates
  • Sliding gates
  • Automatic ramp
  • More from top Italian manufacturer of automation systems for buildings