Services, Design, Engineering

Arp Group as one of the leading system integrators in the country, together with its professional team provides you with a complete system design that you need…

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Cable distribution systems

Arp Group offers you design, construction and commissioning of hybrid fiber-coaxial networks and cable systems.

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Security Systems

Arp Group offers you complete security systems that provide a powerful and efficient way to secure your facilities and warm home of all the threats you might encounter.

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Devices and equipment for technical protection

Arp Group offers a wide range of devices and equipment for technical protection of facilities, vehicles and your loved ones…

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Smart houses

Everyday habits have been relying by technology for a long time, and people have less and less time to perform them…

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Automation systems

To manage with certainty, simplicity and maximum functionality of your home automated systems need a smart house. With our complete solutions your home automation system can be used up completely in terms of capacity, simplicity, safety and dynamics.

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Founders of ARP GROUP Ltd. are professional and hard-working people with extensive organizational

and performing experience, whose personal references give our clients security and confidence about the quality of implementation of deals.